Birds and Flowers

Just as light and shadow are seen as allies, so is oxidation reduction - rust. The majority of the works have been sealed against rusting with polyurethane. Some of the pieces have been allowed to rust to obtain a patina. Rooster, Steel Magnolia, and the Cube series are examples of that technique. The rusting can be allowed to take place or it can be stopped at any given time by the application of polyurethane.



1979; 27″w x 24″h x 2.5″d

Ibis #1

2001; 24″w x 24″h x 4″d

Ibis #2

2002; 28″w x 30″h x 4″d

LE Owl

2003; 19″w x 26″h x 3.5″d


1972; 15″w x 14″h x 3″d

Steel Magnolia

2006; 26″w x 26″h x 3″d