Nail Relief and Mixed Media Art by Robyn

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LE Owl

2003; 19″w x 26″h x 3.5″d


1972; 15″w x 14″h x 3″d

Steel Magnolia

2006; 26″w x 26″h x 3″d

Broken Lady

2007; 12″w x 12″h x 4.5″d


2003; 10″w x 12″h x 4.5″d


2003; 17″w x 21″h x 2.5″d

Mother and Child #2

2003; 10″w x 14″h x 2.5″d

Mother and Child #3

2004; 24″w x 32″h x 3.5″d

Salt Lady

2003; 15.5″w x 15.5″h x 3.5″d