Hands, Faces, Etc.


Here's an update of work mostly done the past two years. Prior to this point most of the work was stylized and it seemed like a good time to attempt realism. Widely recognized images were chosen so that there would be a basis for comparison.

Common knowledge seems to be that hands and faces are considered the most difficult subjects. Accordingly, the images chosen as models were the hands from Michealangelo's Cystine Chapel and the mask of the "Phantom of the Opera."

The works below are noteworthy examples from this learning phase and new directions that followed. Not only were the new directions of realism an extreme challenge, but the supply of nails with which most techniques had been developed were simply no longer available. China had taken over the nail market and their nails were inferior in terms of malleability in creating workable lines. Adaptation was called for.

A three-dimensional rationalization with nails of Picasso's "Great Bather with Book" is currently in progress. Watch a bit of the nailing process in the video on the right. You can also take a look around the studio in the panorama photo by clicking and dragging the image.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this obscure medium. Feel free to contact Robyn with questions or comments.

Video: Chapman steels a Picasso

Panorama Photo: Several Robyn Chapmans in their studio

Paradigm Shift

2012; 25″w x 16″h x 2.5″d

The Gift

2012; 24″w x 16″h x 2.5″d

Cosmic Gift

2012; 41″w x 24″h x 3.5″d

Cyrus Borg

2012; 7″w x 9″h x 2″d

Silas G. Borg

2012; 13″w x 13″h x 3.5″d

Beyond the Pall

2012; 15″w x 18.5″h x 5″d

Beyond the Pall #2

2012; 20″w x 23″h x 4.5″d

Celtic Infinity #2

2012; 17″w x 17″h x 2.5″d

Cosmic Tree Studies

2007; 7″w x 8″h x 2.5″d (each)