Silas G. Borg

2012; 13"w x 13"h x 3.5"d

Silas G. Borg

What was called for in the study of faces was a good realistic model. Long time pottery friend Dave Porter was consulted to help out, and he was provided with a basic outline of the mask. The practical outcome was that he could create one mold and use it to produce any number of masks. We decided to collaborate and begin a series of Multi-media presentations centered on his mask and the conceptual design of the artist.

The clay Silas along with a three dimensional motherboard mosaic produce an eerie image especially when a new use for teaspoons and tablespoons was discovered for creepy eyes that reflect the observer. Nice touch of interactive actuality.

Silas G (?) so named because Silas is incessently and eternally grinding his teeth. G=Grinder

2012; 13″w x 13″h x 3.5″d

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