Ibis #2

2002; 28"w x 30"h x 4"d

Ibis #2

Ibis #1 was the starting place for Ibis #2. Improvement of lines and contour and closure were the goals. The plywood “canvas” showed its vulnerability.

A single three quarter inch piece of plywood could not withstand the massing of nails and the wood became spongy and was falling apart at the back center. The solution was a new technique. Unstable nails were replaced with modified nails. Off with their heads and put them in upside down!?! – a worthy solution and this provided a new texture and technique.

To prevent this falling apart problem in the future, thicker “canvases” were devised by doubling the plywood at the outset. The result was a one and one half inch thick canvas that could withstand even the most extreme massing with even the largest of nails.

This, of course, almost doubled the weight of the pieces and care must be taken to make sure that hangers are attached at stud placements on the walls, especially on large works.

2002; 28″w x 30″h x 4″d

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