Cyrus Borg

2012; 7"w x 9"h x 2"d

Cyrus Borg

The hands project wasn’t quite completed to mastery, but it was time to give it a rest and study. Next on the list was faces. Over the years many nail faces have been studied but never in the style of realism. As indicated earlier the subject of initial choice for face studies was The Mask of the Phantom.

Cyrus was the first nail face that was not scrapped. He wasn’t quite up to the standard sought but he presented an excellent opportunity for dealing with the sobering prospect of Cyborg evolution.

The primary problem was the limitation of 7/8″ nails. It was beyond the range of these nails to get the nose up to a realistic elevation. The use of motherboard parts presented an easily understood thought provoking image with a solid nail technique basis.

2012; 7″w x 9″h x 2″d

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