Cube #1

2002; 19"w x 20"h x 4.25"d

Cube 1 Close Up

Cube #1

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Cube #1 is a three-dimensional shape with straight lines in six expected planes. Imagine the edges of a game dice looked at head on.

2002; 19″w x 20″h x 4.25″d

Contemporary wisdom suggests that when shooting art pieces you take pains to eliminate shadows. This might well be wisdom in photographing two-dimensional art. In the world of nail relief, shadows and lighting are other paint brushes. Not only that, the person who hangs the picture can become totally interactive with the display using pin lights and special lighting. The Cubes and Shadows series demonstrate this aptly in two-dimensional photographs. The principle holds true in all of the nail relief.

These are all the same lines, but each image has its own distinctive contours. You observe them with no shadow, some shadow, and heavy shadow.

Cube #1 of 3

No Shadow

Some Shadow

Heavy Shadow

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